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From the Constitution of the Russian Union of Journalists
adopted at the VI Congress of the Russian Union of Journalists
on May 22 1998, section 2.1 Aims and Objectives:
  • Assisting the establishment and realization of freedom for mass information, long-term strengthening of the legal basis for all actors on the arena of mass information;
  • Protecting journalists' rights and freedoms, their economic and professional-creative interests, professional ethics and dignity;
  • Assisting the introduction of international norms related to the activities of organs of mass information in Russian legislation and legal practice.
The Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations was founded on February 1 2000
as a human rights organization within the Russian Union of Journalists.

The Center's main activities include:
  • Monitoring violations of journalists' and media rights on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the CIS republics;
  • Investigating especially grave forms of violations of journalists' rights: murder, attempted murder, beatings, threats etc, and creating journalistic investigation groups;
  • Researching the conditions and legal status of journalistic work in "hot spots" and on the territory on unilaterally declared states such as Chechnya, Karabakh, Abkhazia and Transdniester;
  • Preparing and publishing handbooks and specialized literature ;
  • Offering legal assistance;
  • Studying legislation related to mass media in the CIS republics and offering recommendations;
  • Conducting training seminars for journalists working under extreme conditions.
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